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The research group Bioluminescence and Biophotonics is a multidisciplinary group which investigates bioluminescence. The research involves the study of biochemistry of new bioluminescent systems, the relationships between structure, function and evolution of luciferases related proteins, the engineering and biotechnological application of luciferases, and the biodiversity of bioluminescent organisms of Brazilian fauna and flora and its use for bioindication and bioprospection purposes. The main objects of this study are bioluminescent beetles such as fireflies, click beetles and railroad worms, but other systems from arthropods, fungi and anellids are also investigated.

Phrixothrix hirtus

Interest subjects:

Biochemistry: Enzymology, Molecular Biology, Protein Chemistry
Biophysics: Radiology and Photobiology
Biotechnology: Biosensors, Biophotonic
Biology: Biodiversity, bioindicators


Bioluminescence and Biophotonics research group